iiNet VOIP with Siemens C470IP

So I recently changed over to iiNet from Internode as my new internet provider. I kept all of my existing hardware, my voip device being the Siemens C470IP which is officially unsupported by iiNet.

After a bit of fiddling, I got it initially to only accept inbound calls on my voip number then with more fiddling I got outbound calls working fine too.

Here’s how to get it working…

First log into the admin panel of your C470IP, the default login pin is 0000 if you haven’t changed it.

If you’re unsure of the ip of your C470IP then you can probably look up the ip on your internet router by viewing connected devices or dhcp list, I won’t cover this here, but if you’re really stuck then use the contact form at the end of this article and I’ll see if I can help you out.

Once you’ve logged into the Gigaset admin panel, navigate over to Settings –> Telephony

Click Edit on one of the IP connections to create a new one.

Click Show Advanced Settings

Connection Name or Number: <your new iinet voip phone number>
Authentication Name: <your new iinet voip phone number>
Authentication Password: <your voip password NOT your broadband password>
Display Name: iinetphone
Proxy Server Address: sip.<STATE>
Registrar Server Port: 5060
Registration Refresh Time: 300 sec

The above will get your inbound calls working and I found that configuring the next setting got my outbound calls working too:

Outbound Proxy Mode: Never

Click the Set button to save it all.

Now test by calling your new number from your mobile. Then call your mobile from your voip phone. If both are working you’re done but for completeness, you might want to reboot all of your voip and internet routers then do both call tests again to ensure it all works after the reboots.

If you still have issues, drop me a line.